The Dallas Precision Imports Story


DPI was formed by Gordon T. Neuert and Michael J. Hott in the spring of 1994. Their chance meeting took place after having some stereo work done on the Mercedes 300 SD Mike was driving back in November of 1988. The stereo shop caused an electrical problem that no one could seem to diagnose and fix. After three attempts by three different repair shops, Mike was referred to Gordy to fix the problem. Gordy had the car fixed inside of thirty minutes and Mike was on his way.

At the time, Mike was on the road driving many miles working in the mortgage business. The amount of traveling Mike did, 50,000 to 60,000 miles a year, caused him to get his oil changed every two weeks. Mike started going to Gordy on a regular basis.

Gordy and Mike would stand side by side as Gordy worked on the car. Gordy would point out things for Mike to be aware of so they could be caught before they became a problem. As time went on the two became friends. Mike proudly referred all his friends to Gordy.

Gordy became a lifesaver many times over, even when the call came after hours and he was home. During 1993, business had grown such that Gordy and Mike started having conversations about starting their own repair shop. Mike told him “if you ever wanted to go out on your own just let me know”.

About2By the end of 1993, Gordy had left the shop he was working for and started working out of Mike’s hanger at Addison Airport. The hanger was a hard place to work because there was no heat and the FAA was not too agreeable to a car repair shop operating on an active taxiway.  Gordy was constantly moving cars to avoid the FAA getting upset at him. One day Mike showed up and there were twelve cars at the hanger, which was set up to handle 2 to 3 cars. The two decided it was time to move to a bigger space and get set up to handle a volume of business.

Over the next several months, they searched all over the North Dallas area for potential locations. By chance, Gordy was buying some parts at Rick’s Auto Parts, in Frisco, and mentioned he was looking for space to start a repair shop. Rick mentioned that the space behind him was going to be available in the next several weeks.

Gordy called Mike and said “I think I’ve found the spot, what do you think of Frisco?” Mike said “Let’s go look at it tonight and discuss it further”. After studying the area and the location the two entered into a lease and started to fix up the location. They did an extensive clean up. “We wanted to have our customers be able to come into a clean shop, and observe their car being repaired”.

Business Takes Off

On April 15th 1994, Dallas Precision Imports opened for business. They have grown and expanded each year since, surpassing the 10,000 cars repaired by the spring of 1998. Dallas Precision Imports continues to expand, adding more room to serve their customers. They have many customers that have purchased new cars but still come back to DPI for repairs and maintenance and just to say hi.

DPI is very active in giving back to the community they serve. Instead of a big advertising budget, they support many activities and organizations in the local community. Such as school organizations, civic organizations, Child Protective Services disadvantage children, and several local chapters of national organizations.  “We are known to do small quick repairs such as light bulbs, fuses, or adjustments for the cost of a smile”. They are the only car repair shop that raises money to help those in need to repair their car through their affiliated Charitable Foundation. The foundation has raised thousands of dollars.

About3The Mercedes that caused the chance meeting is going strong, thanks to Gordy. With over 314,000 miles and growing. Gordy has replaced the interior from the many spilled drinks, dropped food, and several redecorating attempts by the little people. According to Mike, “the car still is a pleasure to drive and it always brings back many memories especially when Gordy and I get a chance to go to lunch”.

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